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 Omkars Computer Institute will provide basic computer training from the Beginner to Expert Level in omkars. A computer is running on four main parts : CPU i.e., Central Processing Unit, Input devices, Output devices and Memory. There are four types of Computers for instance, Super Computers, Server Computers, Personal Computers , and Micro Controllers. Generally, most people use Personal Computers for daily use.

Best Computer Training Institute in Guntur​

Omkars Computer Education is Best Computer Training Institute in Guntur. Omkars provides all software courses C, C++, Java, python, word, Advanced Excel, PowerPoint, graphic designing, Typing, Office Automation Course. Any person who is interested in learning new skills is to encourage irrespective of their education and occupation. We believe that determination and will power will take individuals to great heights. We at omkars will help you in every possible way to reach your goals and perform the best in your lifes.

Computer Training Institutes in Guntur

Omkars Computer Training Institutes come up with the latest Educational Technology courses like AWS, DevOps, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Networking with Online Training also available. We trained and placed lots of students.  We offer incredible excellence of facilities to our learners and with good infrastructure and lab provision by many modern devices to make the learners for computer training in guntur.