Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems Training Institute in Guntur

Embedded C Programming

MatLab Training Institute in Guntur

Introduction to Model Based Development
Programming Vs MBD
History of Matlab
Tool Installation

Matlab Environment
Commands and Variables
Vectors, Matrices and Arrays
Datatypes and Operators
Branching and loops
Data Import and Export
Mathematics in Matlab

Basics of M Scripting
Branching and loops in M Files

Overview of Toolboxes
Model Block Diagrams
Embedded Coder (RTW)

Real Time Project on MatLab.

Embedded Systems

Introduction to Embedded Systems
Basics Revise: Electronics, Binary System, Memory Devices
Sensors, Switches, Actuators, Electric Motors.
Machine, Assembly, HL Languages and Compilers.

Embedded C, Scripting, Makefiles.
8051/Am335x Microcontroller, Protocols, RTOS.
Basics of Matlab
Mini Project

Baiscs of OS and its evaluation
Real Time Operating System
Basic Linux Programming
Mini Project – Simulation Lab

Engine Features and Control System.
Engine Simulation Lab.
Mini Project – Simulation Lab.

Firmware Development and Testing Methods.
Mentoring on SRS to Testplan preparation

Real Test Bench with Sensors, Actuators and ECU/MCU
Development Tools -Compiler, Debugger, GIT.
Testing Tools – Analyzer, CRO

Real Time Project on Embedded Systems