Future-Oriented Innovations

If you’re attempting to respond to seismic changes in your industry or trying to adopt a longer-term approach, changing your company’s future orientation could provide significant advantages. Research has shown that companies that have a strong focus on the future are more productive and innovating. To be more futuristic, you can encourage your employees and management to create new strategies and processes to assist the company in planning for the future.

In order to develop future-oriented innovation the use of a dialogue approach is essential to assess potential obstacles and business opportunities. This can be accomplished by making use of a framework for futures-based literacy that incorporates knowledge about the future as well as futures awareness and futures capabilities. Futures literacy refers to the capacity of an individual or company to identify, construct and articulate futures and is based on the understanding that address the creation and expression of futures is a multidisciplinary process that spans multiple domains, spheres, and stakeholders. Futures awareness is the ability to perceive the possibilities of the future. It is based on the way they perceive of the world.

In order to achieve the future-oriented innovation that we want, it is imperative to create products and services that enhance the lives of people. These improvements are the result of a partnership between many high tech process stakeholders and require a deep analysis of the present issues and alternative solutions. This kind of innovation requires a profound epistemic awareness and the ability to hear suggestions from the future.

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