Best Ms-Office Training Institutes in Guntur

Over 25 years of Experience in Computer Coaching, Omkars gained excellence and became best MS-Office training institute in Guntur.
Adding to our Excellence we have certified, experienced and industrial experts as our faculty. Faculty Offer best ms-office training and best Advanced Excel Training in Guntur. Previous Students at Omkars are satisfied with practical and job oriented training, personalized classes, and doubt clarification sessions with continuous mentoring.

What is Ms Office.

Ms-Office is developed by Microsoft organization and announced by bill gates. It includes a combination of software and services such as ms-excel, ms-power point, ms-word, ms-access, and ms-outlook. Ms-office is used by students for academic purposes, Employees to solve their everyday needs in Offices, entrepreneurs to give excellent presentations to their stakeholders.

Microsoft Excel Training | Course | Guntur

An analytical tool that is powerful to analyze large data and make comparisons in Microsoft Excel.

  • To do calculations and create charts in a very short time.
  • To create balance sheets and budgeting.
  • To create pivot tables and many more…

Microsoft PowerPoint Training | Course | Guntur

  • Entrepreneurs and employees use to present analytical and statistical data effectively with animations.
  • Professors and Lecturers use to teach their students for better Understanding.
  • Students achieve better grades with their presentation skills by learning Microsoft PowerPoint  training in omkars computer education.

Microsoft Word Training | Course | Guntur

  • Microsoft word is used for proper documentation,letters,legal documents.
  • It is used for writing research papers, thesis, and assignments.
  • It is used to write a resume and also contains resume writing tips.

Ms Office Course Objective Training in Omkars Guntur

At the end of the course offered by Omkars Computer Education, our students will be able to create documents with proper alignment and perfection, write their own resumes and for their friends, Complete their assignments and research papers in a short period. With advanced excel training in our Omkars Computer Education students can analyze large data, use simple to complex formulas efficiently, create pivot tables, charts and are ready to work on Microsoft excel in their workplace. Microsoft PowerPoint training in omkars computer education students can give impressive presentations with great animations, this is the main course objective in Ms Office at Omkars.

Office Automation Course in Guntur | Ms Office 2016 Training in Guntur

The Best Office Automation training course is given by omkars computer education. In Office Automation Course we give Ms word, Ms excel, Ms power point, Ms access, dos commands, internet training with basics, hardware basics training in this institute. we provide government certification which was approved by state board of technical education.

  • Basics of Word Processing
  • Type the Mater & Align the Mater
  • Invitations
  • Letters
  • G.O.
  • Bio-Data
  • Textbox, Shapes, Shadings, Colors
  • Spell Check & Indents
  • Bullets & Numbering
  • Footnote, Picturs, Auto Numbering
  • Header & Footer
  • Using Graphics with Text
  • Simple & Advance Tables
  • Mail Merge & Macros
  • Printing Documents
  • Worksheet Basics
  • Sum, Multiplication, Subtraction
  • Average, Shares P/S
  • Grid Lines
  • Calculation Formulas & Functions
  • Charts
  • Advance Formulas & Functions
  • Conditions
  • Style Creations
  • Sorting & Filtering Records
  • Marcos
  • Pivot Tables & Charts
  • Subtotals
  • Text to columns
  • Presentation basics
  • Buttons
  • Creating Presentations
  • Animation & Transition Effets
  • Using Hyperlinks
  • Sounds
  • Creating Photo Albums