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Python is very simple & object-oriented, interpreted, dynamic & widely used high-level programming language for general-purpose programming language.
It has wide range of applications from Web Development (like: Django and Bottle), scientific and mathematical computing (NumPy) to desktop graphical user Interfaces (Pygame, Pandas).

Course Objective | Python Training | Guntur

Python is very easy programming language, any one can learn this scripting without any prerequisite.By completing this python in Omkars Computer Education, they improve their skills equal to an Software Engineer at MNC. Our students gain programming skills from beginner to advanced level. With the training provided theoretical and practical ways, students can write & solve various types of logics & different programs on their own. With the logical examples provided in the classes, students can achieve confidence and can clear the technical round of interview. we have students placed at reputed organizations with the help of best training provided by us and we are counting more.So most of the Students select omkars training institute for all software courses.

Applications of Python

python is used in companies such as Google,youtube,dropbox,netflix,bittorrent,NASA Technologies are using python Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning , Data Science , Image process , Deep learning….etc IOT , chip level designing selenium, Hadoop……etc.

Python Course in Guntur | Omkars Computer Education

omkars computer education provides best python training in Guntur. We cover all the concepts, we give training according to software companies. so student can able to get the job easily in it companies. We provide excellent training with experienced faculty. we provide daily classes and daily practicals in our institute.

Best Python Training Institute in Guntur by Omkars Computer Education

Omkars Computer Education provides daily classes and daily practicals with job oriented training. Omkars is the best python training institute in Guntur. This is the Computer Training Institutes for Python.

Best Python Training Institute in Guntur by Omkars Computer Education
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Best Python Course Content Offered at Omkars Computer Education

Python Introduction
Different ways to Run the code
Other Languages Vs Python
Features of Python
Different types of Compilers

Variables & Datatypes
String Indexing
String Manipulations
String Handling Functions
Escape Sequences
Keywords & Naming Conventions
Type Casting
Output & Input Operations
Control Statements
Loops & Transfer Statements
Sequences / Advanced Data Types
Keyword , Default &
Variable Arguments
Anonymous Functions
Map , reduce functions
Class & Object Creation
Doc Strings & Constructors

Instance Variables &
Instance Methods 
class Variables & 
class Methods 
Local Variables & 
Global Variables 
super Keyword 
Method Overloading
Method OverRiding
Operator Overloading
Constructor Overloading
Constructor OverRiding
Abstract Class 
Exception Handling 
pre – defined Module 
File Handling 
Pickling & Un-Pickling 
OS – module 
Numpy Module 
Matplot Lib 
Calender & datetime module 
Regular Expressions 
Multi – Threading 
DataBase Programming 
pillow module 
Tkinter module